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Here’s a short film I wrote three years ago and shot a year and a half or so ago with the help of friends Ross Klein, Casey Roberts, Adam Kipfer, Evan Ong, and Max Blank.

It’s crazy finally seeing this shit—I give you, The Placebo Effect.

This one’s for the adorable baby passed out in my house. Rock out with your baby cock out, Seth.

-Uncle Mikey

Another review from yours truly on KevinNottingham.com

Yo, peep my first review for KevinNottingham.com — more to come in the near future including an exclusive interview at the Vans Warped Tour with Grieves and Budo of Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Dom - “Happy Birthday Party”

This song is nauseatingly catchy.  Can’t stop listening.  NO!  Will not stop listening.

Kanye West & Jay-Z - “Gotta Have It” (prod. The Neptunes and Kanye West)

Thank you, Pharrell…

For giving this beat to The Throne (Kanye & Hov).